The Championship date is
and will take place in:-

  • Delta Sports Dome
  • Delta Retail Park
  • Ballysimon Road
  • Limerick
  • Ireland

The pre-registration cost of entry will be 30.00 Euro per person if you enter before the 31st October 2017, or 40.00 Euro per person after this date. Pre-registration will open in August. See the RULES tab for Official ITO Rules & Regulations, a breakdown of the expected categories as well as some links for local information such as hotels etc.

An overview of the categories is as follows:

All Black Belts and Masters
possible events to enter: Sparring, Hyung Traditional or Soo Bahk) and Weapons.
Red Belts (3rd - 1st Gup)
Sparring, Hyung (Traditional or Soo Bahk) and Weapons.
Green Belt (6th - 4th Gup)
Sparring, Hyung (Traditional or Soo Bahk) and Weapons.
All other grades: (10th - 7th Gup)
Sparring and Hyung (Traditional or Soo Bahk) and weapons

As mentioned above, we have adopted the Official ITO Rules and Regulations for Free Sparring and here are the highlights for your perusal:-

All points are scored as '1 Point'
Only clear hand techniques are allowed to the head. (Full details on the rules page.)
No grabbing, sweeps or attacks below the belt, to the back, back or top of the head
Head, hand and feet protection are mandatory, gum-shield and groin protection are optional but advised

If you have any questions regarding the championship please do not hesitate contact me via Facebook or e-mail at
Master Thomas can only be contacted at

Pat Forde
Chief Instructor, ITO Ireland
Intercontinental Tang Soo Do Organization

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